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  • How do I move my money from my Radium wallet to my bank account?
    With Radium, we make sure you have complete control over your money. You can send money from your Radium wallet to a linked bank account anytime, at no charge. Standard transfers take 1-5 business days.
  • Are there limits on the amount users can send to a Radium Recipient?
    Payment limits vary based on user identity verification. All recipients must be verified to receive payment, and therefore are only limited based on the amount in their Radium wallet. Payers without verified identities, who do not have Radium wallets, have a spending limit of $25 per day.
  • What is the difference between a Radium Payer and Recipient?
    A Radium payer sends payment to a Radium recipient, while a Radium recipient seeks payment. The profiles of payers are never shown to nearby users, while the profiles of recipients are shown to all nearby users. All users, regardless of user type, can send a tip to a Radium recipient, but only recipients can receive tips.
  • Can I change my User Type from a Payer to Recipient or vice versa?
    Absolutely! Users can change their user type in a few simple steps: go to Settings and select User Type. To become a recipient, users must complete a few extra steps including uploading a profile picture, adding a description of services, and inputting a few more personal details to verify their identity with us. After completing these steps, users can easily switch between payer and recipient based on their payment and visibility preference.
  • How do I contact customer service?
    At Radium, customer service is a top priority. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our app, you can contact our customer support team at If you prefer to communicate via social media, you can also contact us via Instagram or Facebook. We monitor our communications closely and will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. Finally, we recommend checking out our FAQ page on our website, which covers common questions.
  • Why do I not have a Radium wallet?
    Radium wallets are only for users who have verified their identity with us. All Radium recipients, who are required to verify their identity, have a Radium wallet and avoid the 25-cent payment processing fee per transaction when they want to send a payment. Payers who only link their bank account are not fully verified and therefore do not have access to a Radium wallet. If you are a payer and would like to have a Radium wallet, you can go to Settings and select User Type to change from payer to recipient.
  • What makes Radium Payments different from other digital payment apps?
    Location, location, location, AND anonymity! Radium Payments stands out in the mobile payment landscape due to its emphasis on user privacy and unique approach to gratuity. Unlike traditional digital payment apps, Radium's patented technology makes it the only app that connects users based on their location, eliminating the need to exchange personal information or present a QR code. As a result, payers remain entirely anonymous, while all users benefit from a fast, secure, and seamless gratuity-giving experience.
  • Is linking my bank account required at sign-up?
    No, it is not required! Users can sign-up for Radium, explore nearby recipients, and enjoy the app without linking their bank account. If you wish to link, change or delete your bank account, simply go to Settings and select Funding Preferences. Linking your bank account is necessary to send funds to Radium recipients. If you would like to become a recipient and receive funds using Radium, you will have to complete a few extra steps to verify your identity with us.
  • Does it cost anything to use Radium?
    Radium is free to download, with no monthly charges. Sending tips from your Radium wallet incurs no cost. However, recipients face a 3% fee from their tipped amount. Users not fully verified are charged a small 25-cent fee in addition to their tip. For any payment fee inquiries, feel free to contact our support team at We're here to assist you!
  • How does Radium ensure my anonymity?
    Radium was developed to prioritizes a traditional gratuity experience and user privacy. Our patented technology connects users via their mobile GPS and only displays nearby recipients who seek payment. Payer profiles are not shown to nearby users and remain entirely anonymous. After each transaction, a record is shared with only the payer and recipient and includes the usernames, time, and transaction location.
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