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Radium is a free cashless tipping app that replaces the cash you might carry for those times you are feeling generous.  The app's patented technology makes Radium the only mobile payment app that allows users to send and receive fast and private payments via GPS. 

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How Radium Works

Instead of sharing personal information or scanning a QR code, Radium connects users via GPS.  This patented technology keeps transactions quick and private for both the payer and recipient, just like traditional cash gratuities.

Once a Radium wallet is funded, the payer simply opens the Radium app, selects from a list of nearby Radium recipients, enters the desire tip amount, and confirms that payment. The tips are automatically placed in the recipient's Radium wallet who is also immediately notified of the payment. Most importantly, the entire Radium transaction is fast, convenient, and no personal information is exchanged.

Step 1:
Open Radium and
Tap to Find Users

Step 2:
Select Radium Recipient 

Step 3:
Enter Tip and

Radium app home screen.
Nearby Radium Receivers
Send money to Radium receiver


While advances in mobile payment technology have made many financial transactions easier for consumers, those platforms have failed to align with the cultural norms surrounding gratuity giving.  Additionally, fewer and fewer people have cash on hand during those moments that call for generosity, leaving many who depend on those small payments behind.  Radium, a cashless payment app, was developed to enable users to remain generous despite a lack of cash.  The patented technology reduces guilt and encourages seamless generosity, namely gratuity giving, in the age of cashless payments.  To learn more about our U.S. patent, please click here.

Eliminating the awkward moment

Radium’s patented technology addresses the gratuity giving gap by enabling Radium recipients (i.e., individuals seeking gratuities) to connect to Radium payers (i.e., gratuity givers) using GPS.  Rather than a phone number or QR code to identify a desired recipient, GPS ensures privacy for both parties and allows for a more traditional gratuity giving experience.  One that is fast, private, and avoids a potential awkward moment.  Once the transaction is confirmed, both the payer and receiver are provided a record of the transaction that only includes the Radium usernames, the time, transaction ID, and location of payment. 

Re-envisioning tipping

We've all rushed out of a hotel room and forgotten to tip the housekeeper.  Not a problem with Radium.  Radium's patented technology uses GPS to automatically display all Radium recipients within a small radius allowing users to tip on-the-go.  With Radium you can tip your housekeeper while in the hotel lobby or even across the street at a local café

Increasing service worker and tipped employee pay

Radium increases service workers' income by allowing cashless customers to #StayGenerous.  Radium also shifts the power back to the individual service worker by removing the employer as the gratuity middle-man.  No more wondering if a tip actually makes it to the desired recipient.  Just like cash gratuities, the employer is simply not involved, and the tip is deposited directly to the Radium receiver's account.  The app is perfect for

  • Hotel Staff:  Housekeeper, Concierge, Valet, and Bellhop

  • Tourism Staff:  Tour Guide and Personal Driver

  • Transportation Staff:  Parking Valet and Taxi Driver

  • Performers:  Bands, Singer, Musician, and Street Performer

  • Private Event Staff:  Bartender, Banquet Server, and Busser

  • Restaurant and Café Staff Barista, Bartender, Server, and Hostess

  • Spa and Beauty Staff:  Hair Stylist, Message Therapist, and Nail Technician

  • Other Hospitality Workers: Casino Dealer, Tattoo Artist, and Sommelier

Streamlining charitable donations

Radium allows nonprofits and places of worship to expand and increase their donations and tithes by allowing nearby users to send funds anytime during an event or service.  It is also free to setup a Radium business or nonprofit account. 

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