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About Radium

At Radium Payments, we're reshaping the landscape of gratuity in the age of digital payments. Our cutting-edge patented app leverages mobile GPS technology to allow for seamless and anonymous transactions, eliminating the need for QR codes or the exchange of personal information. With Radium, giving becomes a swift and private experience for both payers and recipients- just like traditional cash gratuities. To learn more about our U.S. patent, please click here.


Radium is the only ditital payment app that ensures complete anonymity with every transaction. Only nearby users can view recipient profiles, while payer profiles remain enterly prviate, offering a secure experience for both payers and recipients—similar to the traditional cash gratuity method.


No need to fumble for cash or experience that awkward tipping moment!  Payers can effortlessly tip their favorite housekeeper or musician while on-the-go. 


Radium support service workers by eliminating the employer as a middle-man, and ensuring tips go directly to the intended recipient, just like cash. The app is ideal for:

  • Hotel Workers:  Housekeeper, Concierge, Valet, Bellhop

  • Guides:  Tour Guide

  • Drivers:  Parking Valet, Taxi Driver, Personal Driver

  • Performers:  Bands, Singer, Musician, Street Performer

  • Private Events:  Bartender, Banquet Server, Busser

  • Restaurant and Cafés:  Barista, Bartender, Server, Hostess

  • Spa and Salons:  Hair Stylist, Message Therapist, Nail Technician

  • Fundraising Events



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